My Album Awards

 I have approximately 25 gold and platinum record awards that are RIAA certified. RIAA certified awards are only awarded with permission from the band or record company to recognize a person’s contribution to the group or album. There is a hologram that RIAA uses on the plaque to certify it’s a real award and not a decoration piece that any one can buy. I have received these awards as i was mostly involved in the early career in the groups journey to success

The Venetian

In 1999 I was hired by The Venetian and started working there there about a month before they opened. i had to wear a hard hat while we walked around the property because of on going construction. I worked as a technical engineer in Tech Services to the entertainment department. It was great to be a founder. The money and benefits were great. I worked hard every day and received several awards for perfect attendance and other service related awards

My Vegas Magazine top 100 men 2016

In 2016 I was named in the top 100 men of business